Cataract Surgery: A Complete Guide for You

Cataract Surgery: A Complete Guide for You

Nov 01, 2019

Older adults who are at the age of 50 may experience eye cataracts. They often get to hear, “you need to undergo cataract surgery.” There’s nothing complicate as you can learn everything about this surgery from your ophthalmologist. Cataract surgery is done when the vision gets clouded, and the person loses sight over time. This can’t be adjusted with glasses. You need to undergo cataract surgery if you have this issue.

Even though people fear cataracts, it has become a simple surgery. It is possible to restore vision with modern cataract surgery. You don’t have to rely on eyeglasses if eye cataract surgery is done. Cataract issue is common when people age and it is popular among Americans who are older. The rate of prevalence is increasing at a higher price. The modern cataract surgery is becoming one of the best and safest surgeries performed. Even though the rate of operations is growing, the outcome of visual empowerment is high.

Learn the Types of Surgeries Available

The cataract surgery is performed in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. The patient will not be requested to stay overnight, or the facility will not be provided. The process named ‘phacoemulsification’ is the general form of surgery that takes place around the world. Eye drops or injection is used to number the eye. Then, the surgeon will focus on the operating microscope to do the incision of cornea.

Once that’s done, the surgeon will use a thin ultrasound method to break the clouded lens. The ultrasound probe is again used to suction the pieces out of the eye. Once this is done, the artificial lens is replaced for the previous lens. The artificial lens is essential to see things around you. However, types of cataract surgery are just three types, so check them below.


As mentioned, this is one of the main types of cataract surgery. This modern surgery can be done in 30 minutes or less. Even the sedation is minimal. The patient doesn’t have to worry about wounds after surgery, as there is no such thing involved. No stitches or patches engaged in the surgery. However, it is not as if the operation uses zero lasers because there is a femto second laser used to open the anterior capsule.

Intracapsular Cataract Surgery

This surgery results in a more significant wound when compared to extracapsular surgery. This method involves the removal of the entire lens and replaced by an intraocular lens. The intraocular lens is placed in front of iris. Even though this method isn’t standard, it might be needed at any time.

Extracapsular Cataract Surgery

When the patient’s cataract issue is in bad condition, this technique will be used. This is used when the lens can’t be dissolved into pieces. A significant level of incision is essential for this type of surgery. Just like the first technique, the old lens is replaced by a new one. However, there will be several sutures to close the wound, and a lot of time might need for recovery. Injecting around the eye for numbing is essential along with injections for the eye patch.

The Cost of Cataract Surgery

There are two methods to do the surgery, such as:

  • Traditional cataract surgery
  • Laser cataract surgery for eye

The laser treatment uses an ultrasound device that traces your eyes. And then, the information about the damaged eyes is sent to the computer. That lets the surgeon understand the exact location, depth, and size. Also, traditional cataract surgery is called Phacoemulsification. This doesn’t involve lasers like the previous treatment method. However, before you decide the ideal surgery, you need to consider the cataract surgery cost.

The cataract surgery costs $3,783 to $6,898 per eye if it is in the United States. When the insurances are taken into consideration, the costs may reduce, but there are different factors to be considered. Most common factors are such as:

  • Type of intraocular lens (IOL) implanted
  • Type of technology used during
  • Surgeon selected

Apart from these factors, your surgeon might decide on some factors that affect the cost. Despite these factors, you can still reduce the surgery costs by considering utilizing private medical insurance and Medicare. However, before you decide, you need to focus on all the possible factors.

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