Choosing the Right Intraocular Lenses to Correct Your Refractive Disorders

Choosing the Right Intraocular Lenses to Correct Your Refractive Disorders

Jun 01, 2020

Short-sightedness or far-sightedness, distorted vision are some imperfections that can impair your vision. There are various premium IOLs you’d choose to correct your visual refractive disorders. The right intraocular lens on you is based on your lifestyle.

Before you undergo an operation, you need an exam and consultation from a cataract surgeon. You’re guided through the best IOL to suit your needs.

What Are Premium IOLs?

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) refer to visual devices implanted inside an eye to replace your eye’s natural lens. The procedure is done through cataract surgery to remove your natural lens. IOLs are also used in refractive lens exchange.

Before the utilization of intraocular lenses, cataracts are removed from your eyes in case they are present. You are recommended to wear special contact lenses to have a clear vision after the surgery. Premium IOLs are FDA-approved and have advanced features that suit your visual needs. Below is an overview of various premium lenses.

Multifocal IOLs

They are used to correct farsightedness caused by loss of your eye’s lens elasticity. Multifocal IOLs have additional magnification that expands your range of vision. You can view distant objects clearly, without contact lenses or glasses.

Laser cataract surgery may be done to accomplish a suitable visual outcome to ensure accurate alignment of the lenses. During the preoperative consultation, your surgeon enables you to decide whether you are the right candidate for the multifocal lenses.

Toric IOLs

The lenses are used to correct near and far vision issues. They have different meridians and alignment on the lens’ peripheral part, vital for correcting astigmatism. Temporary markings are placed on your cornea before surgery to identify the curved meridians on your eye.

Aspheric IOLs

The lenses induce minor optical aberrations that affect the quality of your vision in low-light conditions. Premium aspheric IOLs resemble the shape and visual quality of your eye’s natural lens, providing sharper vision.

Accommodating IOLs

They are mono-focal IOLs that provide you with a clear vision by the use of a single focal point. You can wear contact lenses while reading or using your computer. They are flexible and expand your visual range based on their design. The lenses provide a clearer distance vision.

Why You Need a Different IOL Type for EachEye

For you to achieve an ideal visual outcome once cataract surgery is done, you can use different premium lenses in each eye. One of your eyes may require a different lens from the other depending on their conditions. Premium IOLs are more useful than glasses.

Your cataract surgeon may recommend you to use a multifocal lens for one eye, and another brand for the other. One brand may provide you with a sharper vision at a close range and the other brand with a better computer vision.

An evaluation is done to determine your specific needs during the pre-operation examination. It enables you to choose the right collection of premium IOLs to give you a successful visual outcome.

Premium IOLs in Monterey

Cataract surgery at Eye MD, Monterey, involves the incision of the lenses into your eye. The procedure is fast and painless. Cataract surgery in Cass Street and Upper Ragsdale consists of the removal of your cloudy natural eye lens in replacement with an intraocular lens. The incision may take up to twenty minutes. Mild sedation can be done through local anesthesia to relieve your anxiety.

Our cataract surgeons recommend implant multifocal lenses based on their focusing capabilities. You don’t need glasses while performing a close-range activity since the advanced lenses give you a clear vision. We guide you on the lenses that best fit your needs.

We correct astigmatism by performing refractive surgery and the use of glasses. In case you have a cloudy eye lens, we use a premium toric lens after the removal of the cataract. Toric lenses are less dependent on contact lenses, and they can be placed permanently in your eye. Some are flexible single-piece lens that protects your eye from ultraviolet light. The aspheric lenses provide you with a clear vision during low-light conditions.

You can schedule an appointment with our cataract surgeon to ensure that your visual impairments are corrected using premium IOLs. You can consult our doctors in Monterey on all your vision imperfections, to help you decide whether you need to undergo cataract surgery or other treatment.

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