Contacts For Halloween

Contacts For Halloween

Oct 16, 2012

It’s almost here!  Halloween is once again only weeks away.  Halloween (All Hollow’s Eve) is quickly becoming #2 in holiday profits for The United States, second to Christmas. There are so many fun ways to celebrate, and contact lenses are one of them.

Artistically “painted” contacts have been around for decades, originating in Hollywood as part of a monster’s make-up.  But now several companies also make them available to the general public.  Though they are “for fun,” or theatrical purposes, they are still classified as “a medical device” and all of the laws and safeguards are in place when obtaining a prescription for them. It’s just like any other contact lens prescription.  Yes you need a prescription to purchase a pair.  If you bought a pair at the mall without a doctor’s fitting and prescription, that was an illegal purchase!

Buyer beware!

Here’s how to do it right.  It’s easy to do.  You should already be getting an annual eye exam.  So just set up a contact lens fitting.  An eye doctor must examine your eyes to be sure you are a good candidate for contacts.  Then a clear (no artwork), Plano (no prescription) lens is placed on your eye (of the same brand/company as the Halloween lens you want) to assess fit, movement and comfort, etc.  Once that’s okayed you can then order a pair of cat eyes or phantom or zebra.  Keep in mind you can pick any design, but once you’ve actually purchased your pair, it’s yours.  You can’t return them for something else next week. You can select which design you want by looking at the company brochure, or the computer images of the designs at your doctor’s office.

Each doctor will have his/her own fitting fees, and it will be less if you already wear contacts because you won’t need training, etc.

You absolutely can wear something insane on your eyes as part of your costume!!  It’s best to get going on the process well before Halloween though; perhaps early October at the latest.  Just take the proper steps so you can enjoy them in the best health.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The lenses themselves are not cheap.  Roughly $200.00 per pair.
  2. Some only come in Plano (no prescription), and others can have a prescription in them; usually up to a minus six Diopters.
  3. Your peripheral vision is limited because only a pinhole (2-3mm) is left clear in the center for you to see through to maximize the artwork.

Don’t run down to Tijuana to snatch up a pair of zombie red contacts along with a pack of gum and some sunscreen!  Take care of your eyes, do it right and you’ll have a great Halloween!

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