Post-LASIK: How to Help your Eyes

Post-LASIK: How to Help your Eyes

Sep 05, 2019

Anyone who has ever work glasses has no doubt heard this question: Have you considered LASIK surgery? LASIK is a type of eye surgery that focuses on correcting refractive errors in the cornea that blur vision or result in near or farsightedness. The procedure utilizes modern technology like lasers and comes with a somewhat lengthy period of aftercare, where individuals are expected to avoid certain stimuli. Individuals who undergo the surgery receive instructions from their optometrist, but it can still be difficult to handle the situation correctly.

If you or someone you know has undergone LASIK eye treatment, follow these five suggestions to take care of your eyes following the procedure.

  • Limit Your Regular Activities

One of the best things that patients can do for their eyes following LASIK eye surgery is to reduce the time spent doing regular and supplemental activities. Individuals should not drive or read for a couple of days following the treatment because the eyes should not be exposed to that much strain. Physical activities should also be reduced, so patients should not participate in sports or do strenuous exercises since it is possible to dislodge the corneal flap, leading to complications.

  • Use All Prescribed Medications

A major problem for medical professionals around the world is patients not taking or using their medications to their full extent. How many individuals have refused to take the full course of antibiotics because they felt better?

When it comes to this type of treatment, patients should use the lubricating eye drops prescribed to them by the doctor and take the medications. Otherwise, the eye might not heal properly. Anyone who has questions about their medicine should container the prescribing physician or speak to a pharmacist.

  • Don’t Get Water in the Eyes

The eyes need time to heal, especially the corneal flap that is affected by the procedure. Although water seems like it would be safe, the liquid that comes out of the taps of houses and apartments carries small amounts of bacteria. Should this material get in the eye, it’s possible for an infection to develop. This infection will lead to complications and a much longer healing period. To avoid this problem, try to take baths instead of showers and be careful about washing the hair. Also, don’t go swimming or engage in other activities where the eyes will be exposed.

  • Don’t Touch or Rub the Eyes

People aren’t supposed to touch or rub their eyes in general, but almost everyone breaks this rule. For many, rubbing the eyes when tired is a habit that can be difficult to stop. Unfortunately for patients of LASIK eye surgery, touching or rubbing the eyes puts the corneal flap at risk of becoming infected. The cornea also won’t be completely healed, and individuals could accidentally affect their vision. Many specialists recommend wearing goggles to sleep, so the eye is not touched by accident.

  • Keep All of Your Scheduled Appointments

Because LASIK is a delicate procedure, health professionals often request that their patients return for checkups to see how well the eyes are healing. When someone skips their appointment, they are missing the chance for a professional to see how the eyes have progressed and catch any issues that could be festering, such as a potential infection. If your doctor asks you to return so they can check your postop health, do so.

  • Where to Receive LASIK

If you are searching for a qualified Monterey optometrist or a LASIK eye surgery doctor near you, then you can can’t go wrong by contacting Eye MD Monterey. The practice features numerous skilled Monterey eye doctors who have studied LASIK surgery and can help patients correct problems chronic problems with their vision.

The first step will be making an appointment so someone can examine the eyes and see whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. If you are, then the doctor will explain the procedure in-depth and provide details for pre-op care. Remember to follow all instructions so you can enjoy healthy vision to its fullest.

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