Buying Eyewear

Factors to Consider while Buying Eyewear in Monterey, CA

When buying eyewear, it is important to consider several factors. You will most likely wear your glasses every day for most of the day, so it is important that they look good and represent who you are while simultaneously serving their purpose of providing you with clear vision.

Here is a list of important factors that you should consider when buying eyewear:

  • The material of the frame
  • The shape of the frame
  • The color of the frame
  • Lens materials
  • Lens thickness
  • Lens coatings

All of these aspects play an extremely important role in how the glasses will sit on your face, complement your facial features and, most importantly, function. Our Master Optician will educate you and give you her informed opinion on which glasses will best fit you and your lifestyle. You may also wish to bring a friend or family member to help you select the type of frames that look great on your face.

If you wish to schedule a contact lens fitting, please contact our Monterey glasses professional to schedule your appointment.

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